Futures Leaders Summit 2023


The Brief

Few years ago we at Design Better Studio helped BHFF a local NGO to create a logo and a very basic visual identity for an live event. This event is one of a kind event for young IT professionals and young people who are in process of building there career  in IT, engineering or similar branch. This event is held once a year and is gathering young professionals from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Bosnian professional from all over the world to try and build network so they can help young people achieve their career goals.

This year, 2023. theme of the summit was integrating gaming, new technology and leadership and we helped represent this event visually.




Animations | Art Direction | DTP | Social Media Design | Visual Identity


Bosnia and Herzegovina Futures Foundation



Visual Identity

“In alignment with the overarching theme of emerging technologies, artificial intelligence, game development, and leadership-oriented topics, we undertook the creation of the visual identity for this event from a novel perspective. Our approach involved seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology, advanced AI innovations, and a touch of retro aesthetics.

The slogan for this year’s event, ‘RETHINKING THE PRESENT. REIMAGINING THE FUTURE.’ encapsulates our commitment to transformative thinking. We meticulously executed this vision by integrating retro elements in a sophisticated palette of dark blue and violet highlights. Additionally, we incorporated features such as an arcade game station, classic game pads connected with modern robotics visuals, holographic displays, and laser elements. The result aimed to achieve a contemporary, futuristic aesthetic with a subtle nod to the nostalgia of ‘back to the future.'”


Social Media

In the core of communication strategy, primary emphasis was placed on social networks and digital design. We undertook the comprehensive task of developing an array of social media content, encompassing announcement posts, detailed informational posts, promotional content, and dynamic story animations. Each design and post required meticulous photo editing and adjustment to ensure a polished and cohesive professional appearance.

Beyond the realm of social media, our efforts extended to the creation of a series of videos tailored for city light advertising and displays and online advertising. Additionally, we crafted impactful videos dedicated to each speaker or group of speakers for the main event, including additional videos for event.


Print Design & merch

No event can be held without print design and collateral print. For Futures Leaders Summit 2023, we designed and press prepared a full scope of collateral material like accreditations, banners, backdrops but also we designed and DTP merch such as t-shirts, badges, tote bags, bottles and other goodies.

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