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The Brief

Design Better Academy is an online learning platform that specializes in providing online courses on graphic, visual, and web design. The platform recently underwent a redesign and upgrade of its website and learning management system to make it more user-friendly and distinctive. The project involved refining the website’s visual identity and creating a consistent visual language that could be used across all digital channels.

Design Better Academy had identified several challenges with their existing website and learning management system. They felt that the user experience was not as intuitive as it could be, and that the platform’s visual identity did not accurately reflect their brand values or mission. The challenge was to create a new visual identity that was distinctive and reflected the platform’s values while improving the overall user experience.

The web design and visual identity project for Design Better Academy was a great success. The team was able to create a distinctive visual identity that accurately reflects the platform’s values and mission, while also improving the overall user experience. The modular design approach has made it easier for the team to create new pages and maintain consistency across the platform, which has helped Design Better Academy position as a leader in online design education.


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Visual Identity

To tackle the challenge, the design team at Design Better Studio worked closely with Design Better Academy to refine their visual identity and create a consistent visual language. This involved creating a new set of visual guidelines that reflected the platform’s brand values, mission, and user experience goals.

The new visual identity was designed to be modern, approachable, and visually engaging. The team used a color palette of blues and grays with accents of orange to create a fresh and contemporary look. They also developed a new typography system that was easy to read and matched the platform’s overall aesthetic.


Web Design

In addition to the visual identity, the team also redesigned several web pages, landing pages, and digital assets. The new designs were focused on improving the user experience and making it easier for users to find the courses they were interested in. The team used a modular design approach, which made it easy to create new pages and maintain consistency across the platform.

Throughout the project, the team worked closely with the development team to ensure that the designs were implemented accurately and consistently. They also conducted user testing and gathered feedback to ensure that the new designs met the user’s needs and expectations.

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