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The Brief

Design Better Studio has recently undertaken a project to create a comprehensive visual identity, website, and various design-to-print (DTP) materials for “Garant Fenster,” a distinguished Austrian company specializing in the production of high-quality, contemporary house doors and windows.


Design Better Studio aims to enhance Garant Fenster’s visual identity, including the creation of a new logo that combines a shield symbol with the letter “G.” Also we where asked with developing a modern and functional website for Garant Fenster. The website was built on a Content Management System (CMS) with custom code and a tailor-made theme. The primary purpose of the website is to effectively showcase Garant Fenster’s products, services, and capabilities to potential clients.

Design Better Studio designed and produce two catalogues—one for doors and another for windows—to effectively highlight the range and quality of Garant Fenster’s offerings. These catalogues will serve as tangible marketing materials to provide potential clients with an in-depth look at the company’s products.



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Garant Fenster GmbH, Austria



Visual Identity

The overarching visual identity of Garant Fenster is underpinned by three core principles intrinsic to their business ethos: Reliability, Security, and Assurance. Functioning as proficient manufacturers of contemporary, superior-grade doors and windows, they are dedicated to furnishing products engineered to guarantee security against intrusion, fortification from inclement weather elements encompassing heavy rainfall, frigid temperatures, and intense sunlight exposure.

In pursuit of encapsulating this ethos, our approach centered on the conception and cultivation of an ambiance characterized by simplicity and efficacy. This endeavor culminated in the creation of a distinctive symbolic emblem—a metallic shield meticulously fashioned in the form of the letter “G,” emblematic of the esteemed brand Garant.


Print Design

In light of escalating concerns around global environmental protection and the consequential threat of environmental pollution, it’s evident that print design and printing are gradually relinquishing some of their former influence. However, it remains undeniable that printed magazines and catalogs continue to wield considerable significance within the sphere of marketing and advertising.

In the case of GARANT Fenster, our expertise in graphic design, desktop publishing (DTP), 3D design, modeling and rendering and print design coalesced to produce two distinctively crafted catalogs. These catalogs thoughtfully showcased two product categories—windows and doors—encompassing a comprehensive array of their advantages, customer-centric information, and an array of customizable decorations and models available for order.

Our pursuit of visual excellence led us to employ advanced 3D rendering techniques, strategically merging these renderings with authentic environmental photographs. This seamless integration engendered a superlative visual fidelity, effectively situating the products within captivating, authentic, and aesthetically pleasing environments. The outcome is a fusion of innovative technology and artistic finesse, enhancing GARANT Fenster’s print collateral and yielding an arresting confluence of design precision and environmental mindfulness.


Web Design

Upon the comprehensive conclusion of our narrative encompassing visual identity, material design, and associated collateral, the zenith of our collaboration crystallized in the meticulous crafting and deployment of a website.

The website for Garant Fenster is conceived as a comprehensive portal poised to encapsulate the entirety of the company’s essence, ranging from its expansive array of services to its diverse product portfolio. Foremost among its objectives is the lucid articulation of the manifold advantages inherent in the company’s offerings, both in terms of products and overarching business association.

A pivotal hallmark of our approach was the unwavering emphasis placed upon the customer, discerning consumer-centricity as our guiding ethos. We painstakingly spotlighted the symbiotic benefits derived from this partnership, assiduously underscoring the value accruable to the customer.

Leveraging a robust CMS platform as our foundation, we deftly fashioned a bespoke theme, seamlessly interwoven with tailor-made code modules. This harmonious amalgamation of technology and artistry underpins the website’s efficacy and visual allure.

Beyond its informative facet, the website houses an array of interactive elements, chief among them a product configurator. This intuitive feature empowers prospective customers to pre-order products, meticulously tailored to their desired specifications. Such a dynamic component augments the website’s functionality, acting as a potent lead generator to nurture potential engagements.

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