Fondacija IMPAKT


The Brief

For the IMPAKT Investment Foundation, we had an unusual task that was to technically refine and feel the existing logo of the Foundation.

The idea was to stick to the basic features, symbols, shapes and colors, but to technically arrange the spaces and distances.

We recreated the logo and brought it to a whole new, better look, technically more correct and easier to apply on different surfaces.




IMPAKT Investment Foundation


Visual Identity



Visual Identity

By recreating, we reconstructed a color pallet, and introduced additional complementary colors in the logo and other visuals. With the additional color, the identity itself gained more importance and breadth of use.

The color we added is golden brown (beige) which perfectly emphasizes the important elements on the corporate design.


Graphic design

Visual identity was just a starting point for overall graphic design style of the organization. With new adopted style we initiated new line of collateral design and visual communication across large specter of communication channels including printed media and social media comunicaitons.

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