Ingenieurbüro Hasanbegovic


The Brief

Ingenieurbüro Hasanbegovic advises clients in relation to the load-bearing structure of building structures and products such as static calculations of load-bearing elements of building structures and the plans required for the execution of those elements.

The brand’s competencies are related to concrete constructions with the aim of optimizing the design process and providing optimal advice to clients. 

Ingenieurbüro Hasanbegovic is a team of freedom-loving engineers who defend their freedom by designing high-quality constructions of building structures within agreed time frames.

In cooperation with “Kuća Ideja” from Tuzla, we where pleased and excited to work together on building a new brand identity.


Architecture & Engineering


Art Direction | DTP | Visual Identity


Art Direction


Visual Identity

The company’s identity is designed and created around the profession itself and the services offered by the company. It is about engineering services and jobs that are the backbone of architectural and construction works.

Accordingly, the symbols, colors and shape of the logo were created as a very stable appearance, carrier, foundation, armature that connects architecture and building and keeps that link stable.

The logo of the Ingenieurbüro Hasanbegovic company was created as a combination of symbols and text, where the symbol is designed as a rectangle with vertical columns, in the negative space of which there is a capital letter H.

The textual part consists of two lines of text where part of the name “Ingenieurbüro” is written in the first and the rest of the name “Hasanbegovic” is in the second line.
The hierarchy follows the symbol as the most important element and the surname Hasanbegovic, which is written in a large refined Sans-Serif font.

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