Futures Leaders Summit 2023

01. The Brief Few years ago we at Design Better Studio helped BHFF a local NGO to create a logo and a very basic visual identity for an live event. This event is one of a kind event for young IT professionals and young people who are in process of building there career  in IT, […]

Garant Fenster

01. The Brief Design Better Studio has recently undertaken a project to create a comprehensive visual identity, website, and various design-to-print (DTP) materials for “Garant Fenster,” a distinguished Austrian company specializing in the production of high-quality, contemporary house doors and windows.   Design Better Studio aims to enhance Garant Fenster’s visual identity, including the creation […]

Ingenieurbüro Hasanbegovic

In cooperation with “Kuća Ideja” from Tuzla, we where pleased and excited to work together on building a new brand identity.

Pinot Noir

Visual Identity and packaging for Red Wine Pinot Noir