Ordagic & BH Motors


The Brief

Ordagić & BH motors is a new brand created by the merger of two companies from the Srebrenik area, namely the company “Ordagić d.o.o.” which was involved in the production of cooling and air conditioning devices and the company “BH Motors” which produces profiled sheets, guides and garage doors as well as the necessary components.

The unification of these companies created a new brand “Ordagić & BH Motors” which will unite the production and sale of the above mentioned equipment and services.

The new brand brings with it a new identity, so we created a new visual representation and visual communication systems for the “Ordagić & BH Motors” brand.


Architecture & Engineering


Art Direction | Visual Identity


Visual Identity

Considering the structure and origin of the brand itself, the primary logo was created as a fusion, i.e. a combination of two previous companies. Namely, it is about combining the snowflake symbol as a synonym for coldness and cooling and the gear symbol as a synonym for movement, engines, mechanics.

This combination makes the symbol of the snowflake and gears in motion new. In addition to the symbol, the name of the new company is written in thick Snas-Serif font in two lines on its right side.

In addition to the basic variant, two alternative versions have been created for the brand. Namely, it is a vertical variant where the logo symbol is located above the name and an additional alternative of using only the symbol.

Alternative logos have a purpose and intent to use and assist with different applications. The symbol as such is decorative, striking and recognizable and can be used by itself.

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