Mreža aktivnih zajednica


The Brief

The network of active communities (Mreža aktivnih zajednica) was created by the voluntary association of representatives from different local communities. The model was developed by the Tuzla Communities Foundation (hereinafter FTZ), which is also the founder and supporter of MAZ. MAZ has been successfully implementing this model since 2014, when the Association was formally registered.

The process of the community organizing model was presented in 2018 in the “Organizing Alphabet” manual. The Network of Active Communities (MAZ) is an independent, financially sustainable organization, recognized by citizens and local governments as a leader and resource in the process of successful community organizing.


Architecture & Engineering


Art Direction | Social Media Design | Visual Identity


Visual Identity

The idea of identity and logo comes from the synergistic effect of the network that this non-governmental organization advocates. The MAZ logo is a combination of the symbol and the full name of the organization “network of active communities” written in small bold letters.

The symbol itself represents the union / connection of the values and goals of the organization itself. Shown as two circles that merge into one central one that forms a fusion and synergy of the effects of the organization itself and its stakeholders, i.e. communities.

The name of the organization is on the right side of the sign in a thick Sans – Serif black font, written in small letters in three lines as “network of active communities”.

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