El Beauty Logo Design




El Bauty is a beauty salon run by an economist who has retrained as a beautician. I graduated from high school as a beautician and attended several trainings for make-up artists and nail artists. “My business is a beauty salon. The services are face beautification, nail beautification, face painting, with a couple of new services yet to come.”

El Beauty is a salon that is a substitute for things we do when we want to relax, and in addition, women bring with them, in the form of makeup on the face or beautiful nails, home or to work that feeling because the service does not stop even when leaving the salon.

The primary logo is a handwritten acronym “EL” in small letters with an elegantly stretched line leading to the signature symbol.

The symbol “EL” in the written text was chosen as a symbol of personalization of the brand, or the signature of the owner.