Mala akademija




“The perfect environment for growing up” is just one of the advantages of the Little Academy. The private preschool institution from Tuzla, which differs in many ways from its other competitors, stands out with a perfect family and natural environment away from the city noise where children grow up, learn and play.

The small academy is also specific in its approach to independent learning and growing up, where children are encouraged to work independently and in teams and solve everyday tasks.

The logo for the Small Academy is inspired by the person of the institution. To create the logo, we used basic elements such as rectangles, squares, circles as a symbol of the beginning.
The elements are arranged and modified to form a sculpture in the shape of a house made of wooden toys.

Wooden puzzles are one of the most basic toys and aids with which children at an early age build and acquire motor skills while building a safe and playful environment for themselves while learning to perform tasks alone or in a team.