Futures Leaders Summit 2023

01. The Brief Few years ago we at Design Better Studio helped BHFF a local NGO to create a logo and a very basic visual identity for an live event. This event is one of a kind event for young IT professionals and young people who are in process of building there career  in IT, […]

Garant Fenster

01. The Brief Design Better Studio has recently undertaken a project to create a comprehensive visual identity, website, and various design-to-print (DTP) materials for “Garant Fenster,” a distinguished Austrian company specializing in the production of high-quality, contemporary house doors and windows.   Design Better Studio aims to enhance Garant Fenster’s visual identity, including the creation […]

Design Better Academy

Design Better Academy is an online learning platform that specializes in providing online courses

Ingenieurbüro Hasanbegovic

In cooperation with “Kuća Ideja” from Tuzla, we where pleased and excited to work together on building a new brand identity.

Prvih 300

We designed visual identity for business Conference.